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Protect your investment with the best paint protection on the market! 

ToughGuard’s foundation is principled on operating an ethical and honourable company, delivering superior products to the marketplace, creating value for customers, and providing overall benefits for our local and global environment.

ToughGuard has proven its unparalleled value in the aviation, automotive, marine and military markets for years. Today, ToughGuard is sold internationally and continues to gain momentum as the undisputed leader in surface protection.

Aerospace customers, auto manufacturers, marine customers, freight companies and even the United States Military are saving time and money, increasing performance and preserving asset life with ToughGuard.


ToughGuard’s unique natural inorganic resin-based formulation physically bonds with paint, providing customers with the ultimate paint enhancement and protectant product on the market. ToughGuard enhances and protects paint for years – not months.

ToughGuard is the auto industry’s standard for paint enhancement and durability. Even ceramic coatings cannot touch the science, history and performance of the ToughGuard paint sealant product. ToughGuard’s 450ºf thermal threshold is what makes it virtually impossible to melt off, unlike other competitor products.

What differentiates ToughGuard from all other products is our proprietary formulation. Within the formulation is a natural inorganic resin that is solubilized during the manufacturing process and remains in suspension until the product is applied. It is during the curing process that this resin bonds with the clear-coat, paint or gel-coat and once fully cured, becomes an impenetrable barrier coating that will withstand and protect against harmful environmental elements both natural and man-made. ToughGuard is free of Teflon and silicon, has anti-static properties, and is the only product of its kind that employs Nanoscience technology to create microscopically smooth surfaces.

Gloss Enhancement – ToughGuard is the only protectant available in the global market that has been scientifically proven by a world-renowned Nano Science laboratory to contain an inordinate amount of natural Nano particles in their proprietary formulation. ToughGuard’s nano-particles are derived through their trade secret manufacturing process. The microscopic resin particles cure and become a clear barrier coat that reflects the colours of the paint beyond what the paint particles can do on their own. The ToughGuard resin system actually enhances and adds significant gloss to newly painted or freshly buffed out painted surfaces.

ToughGuard Auto Detailing Information Brochure

ToughGuard Auto Detailing Information Brochure


ToughGuard's Marine-Guard protectant provides the market’s best protection for gel-coat and painted boats surfaces. Achieve years of protection with one application of Marine-Guard, reducing maintenance and labor costs.

Enhances Performance and Durability: 

  • Long Lasting protection
    Marine-Guard lasts for years, not weeks or months like other products on the market. One application of Marine-Guard will last 3+ years. Waxes and polishes deteriorate from heat exposure and the constant attack from marine environmental elements. They absorb grime and pollutants and wash away quickly. Vessels protected by Marine-Guard are protected for years and require less time for routine cleaning and maintenance increasing time on the water.
  • Protects against the Ultra Violet (UV) damage
    Marine-Guard possesses natural UV inhibitors protecting the gel coated surfaces against the costly and ugly effects of oxidation, colour fade and chalking.
  • Simplifies clean up
    Marine-Guard repels debris buildup such as salt crystal adhesion and sea growth expediting clean-up and maintenance and providing lasting shine and protection. Bird droppings, salt and pollutants wipe away quickly and easily, minimizing labor costs.

Boosts Performance and Fuel Efficiency:

  • Minimizes drag
    Marine-Guard nano-particles fill and smooth microscopic surface pores, resulting in less drag, optimizing performance, and fuel efficiency.
  • Makes a lasting impression
    By keeping surfaces looking new, Marine-Guard helps to maintain and improve corporate and personal brand identity, making a positive impression and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Protects the Environment:

  • Minimizes impact
    Because ToughGuard helps prevent debris buildup and makes vessels easier to clean, less water and fewer cleaning chemicals are needed for routine maintenance and cleaning. Saving fresh water and reducing chemical usage helps our local and global environments.
  • Reduces carbon emissions
    Decreased surface friction also results in reduced carbon emissions and greater fuel economy helping to reduce your global carbon footprint.


When it comes to your recreational vehicle (RV), motorcycle, or ski boat, you want it to look sharp, you want it to hold value, but mainly you want to use it! The time and effort you dedicate to cleaning and polishing means less time out on the open road. ToughGuard's formula delivers one and done protection from environmentally harmful elements such as damaging UV rays from the sun, rain erosion, water spotting, abrasive/corrosive materials, caustic chemicals, insect etching and bird droppings – elements that render all other products ineffective within months or even weeks after application. This is where ToughGuard excels and outperforms the competition. ToughGuard's distinct advantage and superiority comes from the exclusive proprietary formulations that are truly unique in composition – validated by consistent performance and persistent durability.

Protect the Paint – ToughGuard protects the paints that current EPA regulations have forced manufacturers to use. While the new finishes look amazing, the paints are softer and less durable. ToughGuard is the perfect product to protect against the damaging environmental elements that degrade the painted surfaces of your bike, boat, RV, or power sports equipment.

Protect the Chrome – ToughGuard protects against salt and other harmful minerals that will pit, etch, and corrode unprotected surfaces.

Protect the Polycarbonate – ToughGuard protects against UV rays and water spots that tarnish and blur windshields and headlights.

Nano Technology = Superior Protection & Performance


ToughGuard provides durable aerodynamic and aesthetic improvements by improving aerodynamic efficiency, airframe protection, and appearance as tested by the world’s most recognized aircraft manufacturers

Reduced Labour Costs – According to Boeing, surface coatings have been observed to reduce washing frequency requirements for commercial airplanes, with a typical improvement from a 60-day to a 240-day cycle. Because of ToughGuard's formulation, a properly protected aircraft will see a reduction in the amount of time required to maintain a clean appearance thereby reducing labor costs.

Reduced DragBoeing research shows the most effective means of reducing drag is by maintaining an aerodynamically clean airplane. The resulting reduction in dirt and insect adhesion could result in reduced excrescence drag. Increased fuel efficiency is a net result of maintaining clean aircraft.

Paint-Life Extension – ToughGuard-Aero’s barrier protects the paint against surface degradation. Because the paint is protected against harmful environmental factors, the lifetime of the paint is extended by up to 50% of the normal paint life expectation, which adds to your bottom line.

Takes On Challenging Environments – ToughGuard-Aero has a high temperature thermal threshold of +450 F and a low temperature thermal threshold of -80 Fahrenheit. Traditional waxes and polishes deteriorate from heat exposure, absorb buildup and pollutants, and wash away with detergents. ToughGuard-Aero does not!

Protect Your Image – By preserving the better than new-like condition of painted surfaces, ToughGuard-Aero will help enhance and protect your commercial, corporate, and personal image. Your customers, clients and friends will appreciate and feel good about your brand and image.

Real Durability – ToughGuard-Aero scored a perfect 10 out of 10 in an independent Rain Erosion test conducted by the major U.S. Aircraft/Military OEM. There simply is no equal to the toughness and durability of the ToughGuard-Aero paint protectant product!

Eco Performance – ToughGuard-Aero products are non-hazardous, environmentally sound, and safe. In fact, ToughGuard-Aero is a water soluble product and has very low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Because ToughGuard-Aero impedes dirt and other contaminants from adhering to painted surfaces; there is less need for regular cleaning maintenance therefore reducing the usage of water, washing detergents and cleaning chemicals. Pilots flying aircraft protected with ToughGuard-Aero can literally fly through clouds to clean the plane before landing at their destination.

ToughGuard Aero Detailing Information Brochure

ToughGuard Aero Detailing Information Brochure

Top Of Your Game

When durability and longevity matters most, there's only ToughGuard. Enhance and preserve the state of your aircraft or vehicle while increasing the lustre and deep shine of its painted surface. ToughGuard is the world’s most durable and highest performing paint protection product available. Using their products makes our job all the more easier, and we are proud to offer ToughGuard products through our online store.
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