Logo for Gtechniq which is written in white letters across a red background and has the subtitle Smart Surface Science.

If you want the best protection for your car, then look no further! Gtechniq bridges the gap between innovation and reality, engineering the world’s best surface care products. All Gtechniq products are based on science, innovative materials and ease of use. They have been designed to deliver maximum long-term visual impact, protecting against the elements and day-to-day use. Gtechniq incorporates Smart Surface Science into every product it produces. By harnessing the performance of nano-scale composite materials and testing them to extremes, Smart Surface Science offers a guarantee that Gtechniq products work harder, smarter and more easily than anything else you have ever tried.

Gtechniq was founded by quantum physicist Drew Gill in 2001 after experiencing continuous dissatisfaction with the performance of paint protection products at the time. From his discontent there came a simple idea: To engineer the world’s most beautiful, perfectly finished, smartest and most intelligent surfaces. Surfaces that do much more than simply look great when new. Drew’s background meant that he had a good understanding of how the forces, shapes, and structures of surfaces work on very small scales. He also knew what modifications could work for existing paint protection in order to add very useful enhancements. Improvements such as dirt repellency, ease of washing, scratch, UV and stain resistance, long-term gloss, and colour stability.

After surveying many avenues of material science–in particular nano-scale surface engineering–lots of hard work, and many thousands of failures, Gtechniq: Smart Surface Science was born. The first product in the Gtechniq range to be produced was C1 Crystal Lacquer, closely followed by P1 Nano Composite Polish. In 2006, Rob Earle became Managing Director of Gtechniq Ltd, taking over the reins from Drew. Rob’s passion for cars, boats, and detailing in his spare time gave him the enthusiasm to develop Gtechniq and test new boundaries. Earle continued to innovated and developed the products Drew created.

We use Gtechniq products for many of our services for stellar, lasting results, and are thrilled to be able to offer them through our website as well. Gtechniq is the only technique you'll need! We guarantee it.