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GlassParency is the professional installer’s choice of vehicle glass cleaning and glass protection in today’s market. Unlike many wax-based or topical coatings, GlassParency is chemically engineered to react to silica within the glass, creating a bond unmatched by other products. Its benefits go beyond just water repellency, making it ideal for any silica-based surface, in any climate or environment. This is the ultimate auto detailing product for glass treatment on your vehicle! Ready to see a difference?

Rainy Climate

In rainy or tropical climates, GlassParency delivers unmatched experiences of hydrophobic properties during rain storms. Water micro-beads and sheets off while you are driving, making it a safer experience for both you and your passengers. Night glare will also be significantly reduced, improving your visibility and reaction time. Improved safety is GlassParency's most important attribute.

Dry Climate

Living in a drier or even desert climate, you may not always experience consistent rainstorms, but this is where GlassParency proves itself to be more than just another water repellency coating. GlassParency makes the glass easier to clean and maintain, and prevents dirt and dust from caking onto your vehicle's glass. By sealing the glass, hard mineral water spots will be easier to remove and staining will be far less likely to occur. If you've ever had to pull over to gas stations to clean your windshield every few days, with GlassParency you need only use your wiper fluid for a few seconds and it's clean! 

Winter Climate

With GlassParency, ice, snow, rain and sleet will repel off of your vehicle's glass while driving in harsh winter weather. Seeing clearer can make all of the difference when driving in dangerous blizzard conditions. The treatment causes the ice to have more difficulty gripping the natural pores of your glass, making removal a breeze. A GlassParency treated windshield will also benefit from faster defrosting times.

Garage Climate

GlassParency is an absolute must for collector, luxury, and exotic cars. Even though your vehicle may be stored in a garage safe from the elements, it is still prone to indoor dust and fingerprints. By treating your glass, it improves the overall ascetic of your vehicle, making it car show ready! Finger prints, water spotting, and dirt will be also become easier to remove and keep your garaged vehicle cleaner for longer.

Windshield Warranty

transparent glass coverage scottsdale

No matter the vehicle you drive, windshields have become increasingly more expensive throughout the years, becoming much more than just a piece of glass. With technology on the rise and constant added safety features, the cost to repair or replace them has gone up significantly. Our glass coverage covers the repair or replacement of the windshield due to stone chips or other road debris. Your coverage will include recalibration, as well as replacement. Our warranty will eliminate the need for you to make an insurance claim, which could lead to paying a deductible, or higher monthly premiums. Furthermore, GlassParency will be applied to windshields to increase future durability.


  • Glassparency windshield application included

  • Covers the repair or replacement (two different levels of coverage) of the windshield on the vehicle due to rocks, stones, or other road debris

  • Unlimited claims

  • Windshield recalibration included

  • Reapplication of Glassparency in the event of a claim

  • Rental car reimbursement up to 3 days

  • Available on new or used cars


How It Works: The GlassParency process from start to finish

Step 1: Shop Certification

In order to ensure a proper application, all of our Authorized Installers go through a certification process. They are trained on how to apply, sell, and maintain GlassParency in order to guarantee complete customer satisfaction. Once certified, we back our shop’s work and craftsmanship. Check out the video to the right to get a behind the scenes look into what an Authorized Installer does. 

Step 2: The Application

GlassParency is a two-part chemical application that is engineered only to react to glass (silica). Unlike many other products on the market, GlassParency is not a wax or topical treatment. It is a long term solution for perfecting your glass. Prior to the application, your vehicle's glass will undergo a cleansing process. The releasing agents in the cleansing chemical will ensure that the pores of the glass are contaminant free to improve the bonding process. First, Chemical A is applied to the glass. Chemical A reacts to silica, growing a substrate within the pores of the glass. Next is Chemical B. Chemical B reacts directly to Chemical A, forming an ultra-hydrophobic barrier.

Step 3: The 3-Year Warranty

Every GlassParency automotive application is backed by a three-year product warranty. This warranty ensures that the product will perform at its peak level as long as the glass is properly maintained. The maintenance process is simple but is recommend to be done by the Authorized Installer who applied the initial application.