Due to current environmental laws and regulations regarding the disposal of water run off that occurs when wet washing an aircraft more and more aircraft operators are switching over to a system to perform aircraft dry wash. This method involves no water at all and eliminates all environmental issues that come with wet washing an aircraft.

This service effectively cleans all major stains and blemishes off of the aircraft’s exterior. Bugs, grease, exhaust stains, and oil are cleaned off the aircraft paint, brightwork, and windows.

First, we completely degrease and debug the aircraft’s belly, leading edges, gear wells and nose. Each panel of the aircraft is then hand washed using an environmentally friendly foaming cleanser. The process is not as in-depth as hand waxing the aircraft because it focuses on the visible blemishes and it does not involve the application and buffing like hand waxing your aircraft does. The Aircraft Dry Wash procedure takes significantly more time than wet washing but it ensure a much better job is done. Also, you’ll be compliance with the EPA and with the airport commission by not allowing hazardous runoff to wash down into the airport’s drainage system.

We sell all the products needed to Dry wash your aircraft. As with most areas of aircraft cleaning, consistent effort is the best way to ensure that your aircraft stays in good shape and doesn’t get way too messy.