Our aircraft paint sealing system will truly do wonders for the life of your aircraft  paint. Paint sealant is applied once the aircraft is completely cleaned and is used to produce a clear hardened shield between your aircrafts newly cleaned paint and the outside elements. The sealant that we used actually bonds to the paint on a molecular level instead of just laying on top of the paint as many waxes or paint sealants do.

Our sealant contains Acrylic Polymer blends which creates a negative charge when applied. This causes an exchange of electrons to occur between the product and the surface that it’s being applied to. This in turn creates a long lasting covalent bond, which turns our sealant into a hardened glass shield on top of your paint, resulting in a deeper, richer, and longer lasting shine.

Our aircraft paint sealing service is our most effective service for protecting your aircrafts paint. This service essentially provides the paint with a clear protective coating on top of the paint’s surface that lasts an entire year.  By having the aircraft sealed you will make it extremely easy to clean for the next time and make it much harder for the paint to get dirty and oxidized in the first place. This service should be performed every year.