FLEX. The Original.

Flex's success is based on innovation. That was the case in 1922, when they developed hand-controlled tools powered by stationary electric motors through flexible shafts. It did not change in 1954, when they launched the first high-speed angle grinder, the DL 9. To make their angle grinders even more reliable, effective, and user-friendly, they continued to develop them. In 1997 Flex was the first electric power tool manufacturer to introduce the long-neck sander for ceilings and walls  – the FLEX Giraffe® - and the latest Giraffe generation is now available. 

The WST 700 VV Vario-Giraffe®, with its telescoping function, interchangeable sanding heads, and perfect handling, sets new standards.

And they are keeping up the pace. FLEX is putting all of its experience toward new "problem solvers" and niche products. Come and discover what they have to offer!