Bead Maker Paint Sealant P&S detailing product

Bead Maker is part of the Double Black Diamond Renny Doyle product line offered by P&S. We use this product every day on our own vehicles and our customer’s vehicles – and they love it! Because of this, we are well versed in what Bead Maker has to offer, and what surfaces it can and can’t be used on.

High Versatility

We can not gush enough about the versatility of this product. Bead Maker is known for being one of the most adaptable products out there, and as such, it is a must have for any car detailing enthusiast.

This spray sealant cures and forms a semi-durable layer of film that is very slick and water-beading. It’s versatility extends to how it can be applied as well. Either spray directly on a surface and wipe dry, or spray it onto a towel and then wipe down. It can withstand direct sunlight, so using it on that sunny car show day is no problem at all for this sealant.

Surface Friendly

Originally it was developed for paint surfaces, so that is its number one use. But the strength of Bead Maker means it can be used on just about any surface including stripped paint surfaces, coatings, PPF, other paint sealants, and over waxes too.

The only surfaces it should not be used on are interior surfaces like cloth and carpet. However, it does very well on matte finishes and vinyl wraps. Bead Maker does not affect the look of a matte finish, and only adds a slick finish and beading property.

Either way, the versatility and high success rate of this product is what makes it so popular and you really can't go wrong with it. Convenient and simple to use, Bead Make is a must have for any professional detailer or DIY enthusiast. 

We offer Bead Maker in pints or gallons here. To accompany your Bead Maker, grab one of our Bead Maker Ultimate Towels and a Bead Maker Sprayer.

Bead Maker Sprayer

Bead Maker Ultimate Orange Towel

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