The saltwater, sea breeze, sand, and perpetual sunshine are delightful enjoyments for us, but brutal on water-crafts of any size and type. In British Columbia, boating is an annual event with no off-season in which to dry dock and clean your watercraft. Whether yours is a fishing vessel, sailboat, cruiser, yacht, or water sports vehicle, marine detailing presents many of the same challenges that automobiles and RV's face. However, the techniques and products required for marine detailing are different.

Image shows a shiny clean white motor boat on the ocean against a blue sky background.

Metals quickly corrode in the sea air and isinglass used on the windshield and portals demand frequent polishing to prevent yellowing. If not properly and frequently compounded, polished, and sealed with a heavy wax sealant or chemical-resistant coating, your boat's many sensitive surfaces like teak wood, metal, and vinyl are susceptible to rapid deterioration.

Furthermore, its porous outer surface is often made of fibreglass, unlike automobiles which are made of metal. The fibreglass is usually protected by a gel coat that is much softer than an automotive clear coat. As such, the boat exterior requires routine maintenance to prevent swirl marks, water spots, and streaks.  Your boat may be the perfect candidate for our long-lasting, durable glass-like permanent coating Ceramic Pro Strong. You may never need another wax or sealant treatment again!

With an arsenal of the finest marine detailing products available and the expertise to maintain and protect your watercraft against the ocean’s corrosive environment, Meticulous Detailing can help keep your boat in prime condition all year round.

Much like a clean airplane, the aerodynamics on a clean boat reduces drag and helps it glide more easily on the water, saving on fuel consumption. Routine boat detailing is a must for keep your watercraft functioning correctly, increasing its resale value, and extending its life while reducing depreciation.

Marine Detailing Services include:

  • Boat, transom & trailer wash
  • Belly acid wash
  • Water spot & streak removal
  • Deck wash
  • Thorough vacuum
  • Steam clean & condition all fabrics and surfaces (wood, metal, plastics, fabrics, vinyl)
  • Clean all glass
  • Compound & machine polish to remove oxidation
  • Apply exterior wax or sealant
  • Powerful, permanent Ceramic Pro Strong coating