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It's all in a name – at Meticulous Detailing, we take things seriously. After your work place and home, your vehicle is probably the next place you spend the most time in. It's important to keep it safe, clean, and reliable. 

Car detailing isn't only about aesthetics and extending a car's value; there's a safety and maintenance element as well. A car's cleanliness in the engine bay and wheels can affect its performance and overall mechanical maintenance. A clean and hydrophobic coated windshield helps improve visibility during bad weather and reduce glare. 

We are Vancouver Island's top choice for mobile detailing. Whether you need a complete car detailing job, a simple hand car wash, or something in between, let us come to you. Located near Victoria, BC, we are Vancouver Island's highest rated mobile detailing service. Convenient and professional, you can't go wrong with Meticulous Detailing. It's all in the details!

Photo shows front view of a black car that is very shiny and clean, reflecting the ceiling.