All of our aircraft window repair services are in accordance with Transport Canada and FAA Certification. Our in-place aircraft window repair techniques, guidelines and processes produce quality restorations from our technicians. Optical surface restoration is performed on site, averaging thirty minutes per window depending on the level of oxidation or scratch removal.

Our Aviation Window Repair Process

Each phase of the restoration is performed on site including initial damage analysis, surface preparation, and progressive polishing all including the most up-to-date equipment. Side windows, pilot-escape windows, emergency exit windows, landing lights, and wingtip lights can all be restored through this process and are measured to perfection before completion. Through joint efforts with business partners, we can also resurface fleets of windows with high-precision automation. This ensures a perfectly clear, unscratched, and unoxidized acrylic, whether it's on the aircraft’s windows, windshield, or landing lights.

Repairing vs. Replacing Aviation Windows

When comparing the cost of fully replacing aircraft windows to simply repairing them, the savings are enormous. By contracting Transport Canada and/or an FAA approved service such as Meticulous Detailing's aircraft window repair treatment, you’ll realize savings in the tens of thousands.

Please contact us for an exact cost estimate. We offer mobile repair services for windows, windshields, and landing lights on aircrafts ranging from Cessna 172's to corporate jets.

Meticulous Detailing aircraft window repair services